U Pick Flower Garden

We are in the planning phase of the 2024 EBMY Farm U-Pick Flower Garden.   The garden is about 8,000 square feet and should have flowers ready sometime towards the latter part of June.  We are located at 15375 Erie Rd., which is across from the farm house.

How do you “do” a u-pick flower garden?  Well, your first stop will be at our farm store, 15376 Erie Rd. (the north side of Erie Rd where the farm house is located) to choose your flower package, get a jar, clippers and pay to enter the gardens.  Then you will cross Erie Rd. where there is plenty of parking and picnic tables to sit and arrange your flowers.   When your flowers are to your liking, enter the flower shack, grab a flower sleeve (don’t forget to wrap wet paper towels around the stems), and leave your jar and clippers on the counter to be reused.

We will also have a small self- serve refrigerator loaded with beverages.  If you would like a drink, please put your payment in the jar and and grab a beverage of your choice.

We are also excited to offer our garden for your next photo op.  Professional photographers will also need to check in at the farm store and pay to enter the garden.  Special times can be arranged to have sole access to the gardens.

Days, Hours and Prices for the u-pick coming soon.

Here are a few guidelines (they will also be posted with Farmer Don at the garden’s entrance too):

1.Please do not trample the flowers and stay on the paths.

2. We recommend cutting long flower stems.  This will encourage the plant to produce more stems and will provide you with greater flexibility with your flower arrangement.

3. You can certainly bring your dog to the farm as long as it is very friendly with other dogs and people.  However, your dog can not enter the flower garden, so they do not trample the flowers.

4.We do not use pesticides and are happy to share our flowers with local bees, butterflies and pollinator insects, so please use caution if you are allergic.

5. Plan to dress comfortably (sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, appropriate shoes for uneven ground) and keep hydrated.

6.When arranging your bouquet,  strip the leaves off the stems that are below the water line, this will help the longevity of your flowers.

7. If you need to use a restroom, it is located on the farmhouse side near the farm store.

8. Please park back away the garden so others can take pictures and enjoy the view of the garden.  Feel free to take as many personal photos that you like .  We would also enjoy if you would like to share them on Facebook or Instagram.

9. Tips, It is best to pick your flowers early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  Also picking flowers that are not all the way open will help their longevity.

We are so excited to bring this new opportunity to our local community and surrounding areas!  Many more details will be coming soon.