Love to Paint!

Do you love to paint? Come and join an art class hosted by Duck-a-Roo Studio at EBMY Farm!

Art classes will be starting at Duck-a-Roo in May.  One of our many classes is painting goose eggs.  This is a great way to create a truly unique piece of art to display or even give as a gift.  There will also be supplies if you would like to turn it into a hanging ornament.

We will also have gourd painting classes.  These gourds can become beautiful hanging birdfeeders, purses, decorative baskets, or just a cool piece of art for display.  Any of these would make excellent gifts.

To register for classes call or email us at EBMY Farm, classes will close two weeks prior starting.

The egg painting classes will be held from 1pm to 4pm at a cost of only $35 on the following dates:

May 21

May 23

June 4

August 20

The gourd class will either have one or two sessions depending on the subject.  The schedule and cost for these classes will be:

Birdfeeder designs (1 session) May 21, 6pm to 8:30pm, $50

Baskets/bowls (1 session) July 9, 6pm to 8:30pm, $50

Gourd art with paper clay (2 sessions) July 16 & July 18, 6pm to 8:30pm, $60

Purses (2 sessions) July 25 & July 30, 1pm to 3:30pm, $75

Gourd art with paper clay (2 sessions) August 13 & August 15, 6pm to 8:30pm, $60

Purses (2 sessions) August 20 & August 22, 6pm to 8:30pm, $75

Baskets/bowls (1 session) August 27, 6pm to 8:30pm, $50

Sunday Events coming this Summer

This summer at EBMY Farm is going to be exciting!  We are hosting a series relaxing events and concerts that will feed the mind, body, and soul with beautiful sounds, scents and tastes.  Below are some details of the many events we have planned.

Join us on Sunday mornings for sounds in the flower garden with Jennifer of Ascension Energy and Sounds. Relax and enjoy the euphoric peace with Tibetan/Crystal bowls, chimes, bells, wave drums, rain sticks and more.  Light refreshments will be served afterwards, as well as an opportunity to walk amongst our gardens and pick your own bouquet or grab a pre-arranged one.

Brunch & Bunch events will also be Sundays this summer.  These 2 hour events will start with a farm to table brunch followed by time in the 8,000 sq. ft. flower garden to pick and choose flowers to build and arrange a beautiful bouquet. If you do not want to arrange your own, there will be prearranged bouquets ready for you to take home.

We will also host workshops on how to build a floral centerpiece.  These 2 hour workshops will begin with a demonstration and review tips about each variety of flower and then each participant will have time to spend in the garden to collect their flowers.  We will then work together to build your own centerpiece and bring some beauty to your home.  Refreshing treats will also be served.

In case of bad weather, your fee can be applied towards another upcoming scheduled sound event, any art related event, or one of our farm products. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon!

Channel your inner Picasso!

EBMY Farm will be hosting a variety of art classes this spring and summer.

One of the classes will be a ceramics class where you can create your very own Sun Face.  Each participant will get around 4 lbs of clay to create their design so let your imagination soar!

Each class will have two sessions.  In the first session everyone will create their masterpiece out of clay.  For those that may need more time, we will have open studio hours that can be reserved in two hour blocks.  Once you complete your clay work and sand your masterpieces, we will bisque fire them before your second session.  The second session is where you will glaze your piece.  And again, if you need more time, we have our open studio times for your use.  

Keep in mind that you will need your own set of pottery tools for class.  These kits are available at most craft stores or purchase a small set online.  A rolling pin is a must, as there will only be a couple extra in the studio.  If you would like to embellish your Sun Face with leaves, flowers, seashells etc… cookie cutters are a nice tool to have in your kit.  Also consider adding tools you could use for textures or any interesting patterns that make your piece a one of a kind piece of art.  

Classes are small so register early.  You can call or email to reserve a spot.  All classes must be prepaid no less than two weeks before the start of a class.  We do need a minimum of 4 participants per class so spread the word!  

So come and join the fun of art and express your inner Piccasso!

Time to be creative

Ceramic classes are coming soon to Duck-a-Roo Studio!  Join us this spring at EBMY Farm for a fun class of hand-built pottery.

Some classes will be more structured with a particular theme and others will be open to your imagination.  Each class will have two sessions.  Session #1 to create your masterpiece and Session #2 to glaze.  Sessions will be about 2 weeks apart.  But there will be an opportunity to work on your project during studio hours on Fridays if you need some additional time.   We will provide an appropriate amount of clay for your project and a variety of glazes to use on your bisque ware.  All you need to bring your own set of tools and your imagination!  Once Session #2 is complete, we will fire your project and contact you when it is ready for pick up.

Some of the upcoming projects include creating a sun face, a green man or woman, decorative bowls, wall pocket or planters, and figurines.  Participant are encouraged to find an inspirational idea ahead of time, however there will be book of ideas if you don’t have of your own.

Let’s get creative!

Duck-a-Roo Studio

Duck-a-Roo Studio is coming this Spring!  EBMY Farm has a small art studio that will have host art classes and workshops from May to October in several different mediums.  The art studio can host 7 participants per class, so sign up early if you see something you would like to learn.

One of our main classes will be hand built pottery.  Our studio is small so no pottery wheels.  But our classes will be done with low fire clay.  Don’t let the technique  make you shy away, hand building can be very rewarding.  This season we are going to have class building the following item:  sun faces, green men or ladies for your garden, figurines (your choice on topic), bowls and even birdbaths.

Our second medium will be gourds.  Here at EBMY Farm we grown a variety of hard shelled gourds and have been creating art and functional items with them.  We will be having classes in creating bird feeders, super cut and stylish purses, and gourd figurines that can be painted.

Another class option will be goose egg painting.  This is a great class to hone in on your painting skills.  The class will come with a small stand to display your egg art after it is finished.

Lastly we will have some workshop in creating flower center pieces.  This class will be larger as we will be holding the class near the u-pick garden across the street from the farm.  Each participant will receive a vintage corning ware casserole dish and floral foam to help you create a beautiful display.  You can then use the dish and foam for future displays either on your own or by joining another one of our classes.

We will posting a class schedule next month.  This schedule will also include what is provided with the class and any supplies you must bring with you to complete your project.


Well here it is!  A picture of the 2023 EBMY Farm Corn Maze!  The maze has been cut three times…  this field corn is some resilient stuff!  You can see we have decided to do a Halloween theme with the design being around a pumpkin. This year will be a bit different… no clues to find the scarecrows.  You are going to just have to hunt them down!

Along with the maze, don’t forget there will be  a drawing at the end of the season for a basket that contains products and gift card from all our local business sponsors.

Starting with Kids n’ Stuff.  They are an interactive museum for kids and families in downtown Albion and will be offering a discount to our maze and to their museum.  They are a 20 year resident in Albion and offer a great day of family fun.  If you are a museum member bring your card and the adult will get in for the student rate.

Homestead Savings Bank was a sponsor from last year.  We appreciate their continued support, and as a thank you we are offering a discounted student rate to all bank members, just show your bank card at the entrance.

Pure Albion has been a part of the Albion community since 2018.  They have all kind of unique gifts made by local artist as well as Albion College and the city of Albion apparel. If you haven’t been in yet, stop in and check them out.

Superior Street Mercantile is a bouquet food market that has that one item you need to finish dinner, as well as many more speciality products.  They carry a wide range of items made in Michigan including some of EBMY Farm’s Jams and Salsas. They also have a vast array of liquor, spirits, and beer for any and all of your parties.

Holton Hardware is located in Concord.  They have any supplies that are needed for that DIY job you have been planning to get finished this year. They have a new paint section, plumbing, electrical supplies as well as concrete.  Local and a small business and different from the big box stores, your money stays local and in the community and you don’t have to get in that I-94 construction .

Stirling Books & Brew is a great example of a small privately owned business in Albion.  Most of the time you will find Jim in house working with a customer but they also work very hard to bring in entertainment to our town.  From trivia night, live music, to classes (this summer they had a beer tasting class), Stirling is making a difference in Albion!  They have a good selection of beverages, tea, coffee, real fruit smoothies and of course don’t forget they have ice cream.

This year we have two new partners.  Groveland Market located in downtown Parma is a brick and mortar Farmer’s Market.  They have farm raised meat, fresh veggie in season, artisan bread, coffee and a large selection of EBMY Farm jams, jellies and salsas.   Visit them to receive a coupon to the maze when you buy select products.

Willow Garden is also a new partner this year.  They are an organic farm that produces veggie, some fruits, honey and maple syrup.  They have an online store and delivery service right to your door for a very small fee.  They do only deliver to certain areas at this time, but the future will probably hold more on the horizon.  You can also find select products from EBMY Farm on their site.

There are lots of great things going on this year, so come and join us for a weekend of fun!

2022 Corn Maze is looking good

Well here it is!  A picture of the this years’s EBMY Farm Corn Maze!  This photo was taken right after the fourth cut…  this field corn is some resilient stuff!  You can see we have focused on our ’57 Ford F100 and some pumpkins to give you a challenge this year.  It is tough to cut, but we are pretty proud of how it looks.  We hope you agree!


Along with the maze, don’t forget there will be  a drawing each weekend for a gift certificate to one of our local business sponsors.  A new update is that we are also partnering with Kids n’ Stuff, an interactive museum for kids and families in downtown Albion, to offer a discount to our maze and to their museum.  They are a 20 year resident in Albion and offer a great day of family fun.  If you attend Kids n’ Stuff in the month of September and/or October you will receive a coupon for the EBMY Farm Corn Maze that gives a discount to a parent’s admission.

There are lots of great things going on this year, so come and join us for an afternoon of fun.

Update on the 2022 Corn Maze

Hi everyone, welcome to our second update. It is the second week of May which means corn has yet to be planted. So we thought we would take a few minutes to introduce everyone to our fantastic sponsors for the 2022 EBMY Farm Corn Maze!
Our first sponsor is Homestead Savings Bank. They will be the sponsor for our first weekend of the maze, October 1st and 2nd. If you live close to Albion and are searching for a new bank, check out Homestead Savings! The professionals at Homestead define “customer service.” Do you want a bank that knows you on a personal level? Welcomes you by first name as you enter the door? Has competitive rates? Has all of your personal and business banking needs under one roof? And makes you feel welcome with a smile and a bag of popcorn? Then look no further than Homestead Savings! Give them a call for all your banking needs.
We will have more updates soon. And we will post a picture of when the corn gets planted! We are so excited for this year’s maze!

2022 EBMY Farm Corn Maze status

We have been thinking about this year’s maze design.  This past fall we purchased a cool 1957 Ford F100 to use for our farmer’s market truck… we were inspired.  The design of the maze will be our truck in a pumpkin patch. Now we are just waiting for the corn to be planted in May, and then the work begins!

We are so excited for this year’s season and our Fall corn maze!  We have partnered with some of our friends that are  local businesses in Albion: Dickerson Music, Stirling Books and Brew, Homestead Savings Bank, Foundry Bakehouse and Deli and Pure Albion to be sponsors.  Each company will have a dedicated weekend where you can come out and support these great, local Albion businesses.  And the added bonus?  Every Sunday will have a drawing for a $50 gift certificate for that local Albion Business or a business of their choosing!

We will be opening the weekend of October 1st.  But to give you a little background on our partners this year:

Dickerson Music has been in Albion for over 60 years.  They are a musical instrument store that carries a variety of new and used products; from band instruments and accessories to guitars, banjos, mandolins, and drums and their accessories.  They do in house repairs on band instruments and stringed instruments.  Lessons are available for guitar, bass, ukulele, and mandolin.  They have one of the largest selections of sheet music available.

Homestead Savings Bank is a local financial intuition owned by its members with a local board of directors. It originated in 1889 and will be celebrating 133 years in business in 2022.

Stirling Books & Brew has new and used books, coffee and tea, and locally baked goods and gifts, all in a spacious English/Scottish cafe setting. They feature many events- such as live music, authors, trivia, and games!

Foundry Bakehouse & Deli is a place where simple combinations of fresh, high-quality ingredients produce the most delectable baked goods and deli offerings that we can offer our customers. Formed in Albion. Forged with love.

Pure Albion is your source for everything local. A variety of Albion and Albion College apparel, gifts and art by individuals with connections to Albion. They’re all about Albion!

A final supporter this year is #CasterCares.  They manufacture greatness within their employees to positively impact their families, communities, and customers. Through their work with #CasterCares, they are building a better Albion through civic engagement and community development.

As you can see, we have some exciting times ahead of us!  We will keep everyone posted on our progress this Spring and Summer!!






Gourd Art in the Winter Months

This is our second year growing gourds.  Our first year we grew lots of birdhouse gourds, so last year I made a lot of wonderful birdhouses that we sold at the farmer’s market along with all our other farm goodies..  This year we grew large array of gourds to include corsicans, kettle, apple, long dippers, birdhouse .  So, this winter’s projects include gourds, gourds and more gourds.  Some of the gourd art will be pictured in the gallery our site and all the art will be for sale this spring though the fall at the different market  and at our farm store.