Our farmhouse and property was established in the late 1800s. It has been in our family since Vernon Eddington purchased the property on September 3rd,1932.  The farm has evolved over the years (between 1932 and 1970), from a cattle farm to an apple orchard and then back to a crop farm.  My father acquired the farm in the late 1970s  and in the 1980s continued the family tradition of a crop farm.  In 2017 my husband Steve and I  decided to purchase the farm to keep it in the family.  We have turned the interior four acres around the farm house and barns into a hobby farm.   We have planted dwarf fruit orchard, planted flowers and lavender, created a large raised bed vegetable garden and have started to raise our small flock of birds.   Our birds supply us with fresh eggs.  They are raised in an all natural and organic way.  We have an assortment of chickens, geese, and ducks.  For our garden, we do not use any pesticides on our vegetables so our flock gets the best diet we can give them.