Channel your inner Picasso!

EBMY Farm will be hosting a variety of art classes this spring and summer.

One of the classes will be a ceramics class where you can create your very own Sun Face.  Each participant will get around 4 lbs of clay to create their design so let your imagination soar!

Each class will have two sessions.  In the first session everyone will create their masterpiece out of clay.  For those that may need more time, we will have open studio hours that can be reserved in two hour blocks.  Once you complete your clay work and sand your masterpieces, we will bisque fire them before your second session.  The second session is where you will glaze your piece.  And again, if you need more time, we have our open studio times for your use.  

Keep in mind that you will need your own set of pottery tools for class.  These kits are available at most craft stores or purchase a small set online.  A rolling pin is a must, as there will only be a couple extra in the studio.  If you would like to embellish your Sun Face with leaves, flowers, seashells etc… cookie cutters are a nice tool to have in your kit.  Also consider adding tools you could use for textures or any interesting patterns that make your piece a one of a kind piece of art.  

Classes are small so register early.  You can call or email to reserve a spot.  All classes must be prepaid no less than two weeks before the start of a class.  We do need a minimum of 4 participants per class so spread the word!  

So come and join the fun of art and express your inner Piccasso!

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