Spring is here, thank goodness

Mild weather has arrived early this year!  We are hard at work with our Spring projects.  The first item on the list was the renovation of our 100 year old the chicken coop.  Our birds had been complaining about the old drywall and the plastic sheets being used as a ceiling.  They were also not very fond of the old straw that was being used as insulation!  So new walls, new ceiling, and better insulation now keeps our girls cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.  We also fenced in a new grassy area for our ducks and chickens to roam.  We are hoping this will help keep all their grassy areas in better condition throughout the summer.  We also expanded the small pond near the coop to allow for easier entry and offers more room for multiple ducks to take a swim.

A few other projects on the Spring list include fencing in the garden next to the corn maze to keep the deer from trampling the pumpkins.  We also want to put in another garden near the corn maze to allow for more peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes to use in our wonderful salsas and green tomato relish.

Our last major Spring project is the plan for the corn maze!  We have our plan complete…  now all we need to do is prep the 5 acres, plant the corn, and wait for it to grow!  Stay tuned…

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