Summer on the Farm

This has been a very busy summer wit all our special projects.   Put in our small pond was definitely worth all the effort,. The  beautiful sound from the waterfall adds a relaxing tone that we can hear all the way up at the house..  Plus all the birds, dragon flies, bee that seem to enjoy the pond is a bonus.

Getting our new corn maze ready definitely took a good bit of time in the early part of the summer.  All the mapping, planning, cutting and cutting again, but we are ready for the our guest.  Now we are very focused on getting the farm shop (which is a 1940’s carriage building, that was moved from my cousins farm) refurbished, functioning and beautiful again.

There is aways the normal summer duties of keeping the grass mowed , the gardens weeded .  But this summer is special, tis is the first year ( the orchard was planted three years ago) that we have received fruit from our dwarf orchard.  Many of the peach trees have produced a nice crop, we will also be getting some pears later on in the season.   Hopefully next year the plums will stay on the trees.  We will also be picking the Concord grapes in about a month, so it will be time to make more grape butter( which you will be able to find in our Farm Shop).