Summer time fun

We are half way though Summer here in Michigan.   We are mostly in maintenance mode on the farm.  We tried to complete all the major projects this past Spring since the day-to-day farm tasks keep us very busy..

The EBMY Farm 2021 corn maze is looking really good and the excitement is building for opening day Saturday  September 18th.  The pumpkins are growing nicely this year.due to the addition of new fencing around the garden. No more deer salad bar!  We also added another garden to grow our tomatoes, peppers and a few other fun crops like mini watermelons.

We use most of all our tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic to make our salsa varieties and tomato jam.  The fruit on the farm is also used to make our jellies, jams, butters, and BBQ sauces.  All of these products can be purchased at the local farmer’s markets or you can message the farm for prices and shipping quotes.

All our products will be available in our farm store during the Fall corn maze season.  We will also be offering mini pies, pastries, donuts, hot cider and sliders for lunch.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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