Update on the 2022 Corn Maze

Hi everyone, welcome to our second update. It is the second week of May which means corn has yet to be planted. So we thought we would take a few minutes to introduce everyone to our fantastic sponsors for the 2022 EBMY Farm Corn Maze!
Our first sponsor is Homestead Savings Bank. They will be the sponsor for our first weekend of the maze, October 1st and 2nd. If you live close to Albion and are searching for a new bank, check out Homestead Savings! The professionals at Homestead define “customer service.” Do you want a bank that knows you on a personal level? Welcomes you by first name as you enter the door? Has competitive rates? Has all of your personal and business banking needs under one roof? And makes you feel welcome with a smile and a bag of popcorn? Then look no further than Homestead Savings! Give them a call for all your banking needs.
We will have more updates soon. And we will post a picture of when the corn gets planted! We are so excited for this year’s maze!