Summer time fun

We are half way though Summer here in Michigan.   We are mostly in maintenance mode on the farm.  We tried to complete all the major projects this past Spring since the day-to-day farm tasks keep us very busy..

The EBMY Farm 2021 corn maze is looking really good and the excitement is building for opening day Saturday  September 18th.  The pumpkins are growing nicely this year.due to the addition of new fencing around the garden. No more deer salad bar!  We also added another garden to grow our tomatoes, peppers and a few other fun crops like mini watermelons.

We use most of all our tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic to make our salsa varieties and tomato jam.  The fruit on the farm is also used to make our jellies, jams, butters, and BBQ sauces.  All of these products can be purchased at the local farmer’s markets or you can message the farm for prices and shipping quotes.

All our products will be available in our farm store during the Fall corn maze season.  We will also be offering mini pies, pastries, donuts, hot cider and sliders for lunch.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Time to cut some corn!

The corn is starting to grow. In the next week or so, we will be cutting the maze!! We are so excited for this year’s design and we hope you will enjoy getting “lost” at EBMY Farm! Stay tuned for more updates as the maze starts to take shape. BE ON THE LOOKOUT for our Farm Shop OPENING SOON! We will be opening our farm store in June or July so you can stop by and pick up some of our tasty treats. We will be offering all of our salsas, chutneys, jams, and an assortment of baked goods and farm-raised chicken and duck eggs. We are also working on a “local box” that you can pre-order and pick up from the store. The boxes will offer an assortment of our products and products from other farms in the local area. Keep you eyes peeled for updates in the near future.

Spring is here, thank goodness

Mild weather has arrived early this year!  We are hard at work with our Spring projects.  The first item on the list was the renovation of our 100 year old the chicken coop.  Our birds had been complaining about the old drywall and the plastic sheets being used as a ceiling.  They were also not very fond of the old straw that was being used as insulation!  So new walls, new ceiling, and better insulation now keeps our girls cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.  We also fenced in a new grassy area for our ducks and chickens to roam.  We are hoping this will help keep all their grassy areas in better condition throughout the summer.  We also expanded the small pond near the coop to allow for easier entry and offers more room for multiple ducks to take a swim.

A few other projects on the Spring list include fencing in the garden next to the corn maze to keep the deer from trampling the pumpkins.  We also want to put in another garden near the corn maze to allow for more peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes to use in our wonderful salsas and green tomato relish.

Our last major Spring project is the plan for the corn maze!  We have our plan complete…  now all we need to do is prep the 5 acres, plant the corn, and wait for it to grow!  Stay tuned…

Winter on the farm

Winter at EBMY Farm is in full force.  As we peer out the windows and see a blanket of snow, we can only look forward to Spring!  And speaking of Spring, keep an eye out for some changes to our farm.  Our plans include new pastures for our chickens and ducks, new ponds for our ducks to bathe, and two new gardens for our pumpkin patch and fresh veggies!  Please hurry Spring!!!

EBMY Farm fall corn maze event

Happy Fall…..

Our 2020 corn maze has officially opened and we are in the second weekend with 4 more weeks to go.   We have 5 scarecrows hidden in the maze to make it more interactive and challenging.  You have your choice of two different maps.  One map has clues that you must unravel to find the scarecrows.  The other map has the placement of the scarecrows but no trails to navigate.  And don’t forget we also have a huge assortment of sweets and hot drinks to help fuel your adventure!!  Come on out and enjoy what a Michigan Fall has to offer!



Summer on the Farm

This has been a very busy summer wit all our special projects.   Put in our small pond was definitely worth all the effort,. The  beautiful sound from the waterfall adds a relaxing tone that we can hear all the way up at the house..  Plus all the birds, dragon flies, bee that seem to enjoy the pond is a bonus.

Getting our new corn maze ready definitely took a good bit of time in the early part of the summer.  All the mapping, planning, cutting and cutting again, but we are ready for the our guest.  Now we are very focused on getting the farm shop (which is a 1940’s carriage building, that was moved from my cousins farm) refurbished, functioning and beautiful again.

There is aways the normal summer duties of keeping the grass mowed , the gardens weeded .  But this summer is special, tis is the first year ( the orchard was planted three years ago) that we have received fruit from our dwarf orchard.  Many of the peach trees have produced a nice crop, we will also be getting some pears later on in the season.   Hopefully next year the plums will stay on the trees.  We will also be picking the Concord grapes in about a month, so it will be time to make more grape butter( which you will be able to find in our Farm Shop).


Pond for the girls

The month of May has already been very busy on the farm.  Steve and I have been working hard on our new duck pond.  The pond is 20 feet wide by 30 feet long , so plenty of room for the girls to swim and play.

The rock bed has been laid and next step is the construction the waterfall,  plumbing the pond and get some electricity run out there.

Mother nature has been very busy filling our pond with water, so we are going to have to do some extra work before we can start on the next few projects.


Farm Fall Event

We are working on a few spring projects on the farm  First and foremost Steve and I are working the EBMY Farm Corn Maze.  We are planning on opening a 4 plus acre corn maze for the months of September and October .  Our first tasks are to create plenty of parking for the guests. We will be relocating a vintage building to serve as the small sales office, that will also have beverages, fresh pastries and all our other products that are made on the farm.  We have plans for a large pumpkin patch, fresh veggie and eggs when available.

The month of April has many tasks to be completed .  We are leveling, grating and seeding  an acre for a substantial parking lot, and installing a cement pad, so our antique building and be relocated to the farm.

So stay tuned for all the spring and summer activities and more info on the maze will be posted as  we progress.